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Accident Compensation

People eligible for compensation

The following people are eligible for compensation under the railways act, 1989:

  • People involved in any form of railway accident including the derailment of rail, low-level crossing (only the people boarding the said train), the collision of rail-car.
  • Any person involved in any consequential railway accident which may cause injury or death of that person.
  • Any person who has been exposed to hazardous chemicals or involvement of sabotage, terrorism, explosion or fire.

Particulars required for filing of claim for compensation

1. The claimant must provide their name and also the name of their father.

2. The claimant must provide their place of residence.

3. The claimant must fill their age.

4. The claimant must provide their profession.

5. If there is any employer of the deceased then in that case the name and the address of such employer.

6. The claimant must provide the details of the accident along with the location and the date of the accident.

7. The claimant must provide the ticket or pass number.

8. Nature of injuries sustained along with a medical certificate.

9. Name and address of the medical officer/practitioner who attended on the injured/dead and period and date of treatment.

10. The claimant must mention if he/she faced any disability due to the accident.

11. If there is any loss of luggage then the claimant needs to provide the details of such luggage.

12. If the claimant has lodged any report regarding the accident to any other authority then the claimant must attach the report as well.

13. Name and permanent address of the applicant/claimant.

14. If there is any local alternative address of the applicant then it must be stated as well.

15. If a dependant is filing the application then the dependant must state the relationship he/she had with the deceased or injured.

16. The claimant must state the amount of compensation that he has claimed.

17. Any other information or documentary evidence that may be necessary or helpful in the clearance of the claim.

Documents required for the facilitation of the settlement of claim by the tribunal

1. If the person had died then post mortem report of his death.

2. If there is death or injury then a copy of the fir.

3. If a person suffered some injuries then there is a requirement of a medical report by a certified doctor and the medical report must contain details of such injuries.

4. If the passenger has died then in that case the tribunal requires the death certificate of such passenger and the death certificate must be issued by the district administration.

5. If there is death of the passenger then there is a need for heirship title.

6. The registered proof of the victim/claimant. The registered proof must show that the victim/claimant was a passenger of the train and in case if there is no availability of such documentary proof then the claimant must provide ticket number and class of travel (to the extent that the claimant is aware).

For more detail contact railway tribunal court habaibganj bhopal

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Last Updated:22 Nov, 2021