शासकीय रेलवे पुलिस मध्‍यप्रदेश - भोपाल

सतत सुरक्षित यात्रा


Q1. In case of Emergency, what should I do?

Ans. Call Telephone No. 1512 or Click on the Contact us button on the web site for more contact numbers.


Q2. How do I Lodge FIR?

Ans. The informant/ complainant should go to the Railway Police Station having jurisdiction over the area (where the offence is committed) and report to officer in-charge/ station house officer about commission of a cognizable offence. In case information is given on telephone, the informant/complainant should subsequently go to the police station for registration of F.I.R. In case of any difficulty in registering a complaint as above, the complainant may contact the jurisdictional/senior officers whose address and Telephone numbers are given in the Contact page.


Q.3. What should I do if I have to pass any information about an offence or an accident in Railway jurisdiction?


  • Call 1512 or 0755-2572300 or 0755-2570262.
  • Call the nearest Railway Police Station (Telephone number given in Contact page).
  • Call any of the Police Officers shown in Contact page.
  • Go to the nearest Railway Police Station and inform.


Q4. What is the difference between the RPF and the GRP?

Ans.    The RPF (Railway Protection Force) and the GRP(Government Railway Police) both have different functions.
         The RPF is a security force directly under the union government's Ministry of Railways, and its primary responsibility is to safeguard and protect railway property, including rolling stock, the permanent way, and station or yard premises, from damage or sabotage and to investigate incidents of vandalism, theft, etc., of IR assets and property entrusted to it (i.e., freight).
          The GRP, on the other hand, is a police organization under the control of the state government in each state, and its primary mission is the maintenance of law and order and ensuring passenger safety on board trains and on IR property. Thus the GRP concerns itself with robberies or other criminal incidents on board trains or on railway premises, missing persons, injuries or deaths in connection with the railways, and has police powers in each state to arrest persons, register criminal cases, etc.


Last Updated:30 Oct, 2021